SEO VS Google Ads - Navigating Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In the digital marketing world, two of the most powerful tools at your disposal are SEO vs Google Ads, or rather search engine marketing (SEM). Both strategies are essential in driving traffic to your website, but should be utilised in different situations and stages.

Understanding the pros and cons of SEO and Google Ads is crucial in determining which strategy, or combination of both, is best for your business.

Included in our free SEO health report you will find a copy of a breakdown comparison between SEO and PPC ads, but we’ll drop it here too because it’s relevant.

Pros & Cons of SEO VS Google Ads

Understanding the advantages and limitations of each is crucial for businesses to make informed decisions about where to invest their efforts and resources.

SEO Pros

 Long-Term Visibility
SEO offers sustainable, long-lasting results. High rankings achieved through SEO can maintain your website’s visibility over time.

 Cost Effective
Continue leads and conversions without ongoing ad spend.

 Credibility & trust
Users often trust organic search results more than ads. High rankings can therefore enhance the credibility of your business.

 Branding & Authority
Consistently appearing in organic search results and having optimised creatives to post on social media builds brand authority and recognition. 

SEO Cons

 Slower results Unlike paid advertisement, which puts your ad in front of anyone relevant.
Optimising your website and business for SEO is a slow process.

 Constant Maintenance SEO demands ongoing attention and updates in response to changing algorithms and marketing conditions.

No Guaranteed Positions
SEO demands ongoing attention and updates in response to changing algorithms and marketing conditions.

Google Ads Pros

Quick Visibility
Maybe you’re looking to test a market before you start to build your business, maybe you’ve laid the groundwork for your brand and feel ready to invite potential customers or clients. 
PPC ads provide immediate exposure, useful for targeting specific campaigns or promotions.

Targeted Advertising
PPC allows you to generate and use insights and data for targeting your demographic.

Scalable Budgets
You can control and adjust spending based on ad performance and objectives.

Google Ads Cons

Dependent on Continuous Investment
Once you stop paying, the traffic from these ads ceases. PPC ads requires constant investment for consistent visibility.

Costly for Competitive Keywords
Regardless of ad platform, advertising can be a costly depending on industry. To get the most out of running ad campaigns, it’s thinking-ahead to establish other areas first, such as branding.

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